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Friday funnies

MY Friday funny. I was wanting to do something like throwback football but i thought this was a lot funnier. like the rock when he sees something that is so not halamode. Also something like tether ball when i played with it when i was a lot younger i loved playing it. The rock just made a song and it is a lot worse than Jake Pauls everyday bro it was so bad i had to stop watching it 10 seconds in on both of them. There both rich as crap so doing a song would give you millions of dollars but thats not even a dent for them

MY dream room

Jaden Allen

my dream room has a 40 yard football field, a second story. It is one of the biggest in the world.

The Best Fan for 2021 | Reviews by Wirecutter

i cant live without a fan. I need a fan to sleep with. it is one of the most important things i need.



tv are one way to fall asleep with. One time i had it on the whole night the next day it did not work

JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black), 1



i love speaker i could not live without a speaker. I go almost every where with my speaker. I do like Alexa but you have to plug it in

Middle School Thoughts

Middle school is very different from high school and elementary. in elementary all your teachers treat you like your a kid because you. But in middle and high school your able hold your own so they don’t treat you like a kid. Middle school he classes are very fun but there are also 6 classes. You get out at 2:30 and not 4:00 from elementary.


My name

My name is Jaden and it means God has heard. I have never thought a lot about my name it never been something i need to know about. What i think it means is that just god sees me more.

my favorite character in Marvel

Almost everyone would probably say Iron Man because he saved the universe. But Thor is my favorite because he is the god of lightning. He had his hammer that his sister broke somehow. Then after in avengers endgame he went back in time to get one of the stones  then got his hammer. He put his big hammer that he made in avengers infinity war with groots arm and put it into the 7  foot grape.

Air Jordans

Air Jordans are a lot of money. There are 35 brands of air Jordans the first pair of shoes is my favorite they have different kinds of shoes like rookie of the years and travis scoots those range from 300 to 500 dollars. there are air Jordan shoes that are above13 grand. there are companys that sell Jordans and clean them and they are a lot less but it is in criptocurrincy. If you like jordans start off with jordan ones like i said some of them are a lot of money. You can resell those shoese and give them to some one for 300 dollars or more.


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New York

New York

I went to New York and it was one of the funniest places I have gone in a long time. The reason I loved it so much because my family was there and my step family. I went to the statue of liberty on a house boat with a a lot of people and i got lost on it and they got mad at me but I go a cool picture. We also ate a lot of pizza and that was super fun but my bother Jarin did not like eating pizza the whole week. we also when to the m and m store and the cocacola store it was very fun i tasted different cocacola  kinds there was an orange cream, mango and ect. When i went to the m and m store had a lot of m and m the next day i was sick it was not fun.